6 Barbaric Methods of Execution That are Still Used

Siam public execution

Executions have certainly been around as long as the humans have been on earth. People who do unethical or non-acceptable stuff in the society are executed as a punishment for their crimes. So often it is a pretty simple affair, but not all the time. Here are 6 most barbaric methods of execution that are [...]

Don’t watch these 5 Videos if you are scared of Heights

Pack sone shoes!

If you thing yourself as the faint of heart, leave now, as these are 5 most terrifying videos I can find that are pretty much as scary as Michel Jackson’s face without a nose. Watch these videos in the comfort of your house while people do stupid things and post it over to the YouTube. Cheating [...]

Top 10 most Controversial premature obituaries

James Earl Jones

For those who don’t know, a premature obituary in simple words is an event when someone’s death is falsely published or reported in media without any valid proof. Now, as this word has made its place in our dictionary, we can be sure that there might be some events going on related to it. So [...]

Top 10 misconceptions surrounding HIV AIDS

AIDS can't be Cured

It has been more than 25 years since the inception of HIV & AIDS. As deadly both these words are, more deadly are the misconceptions surrounding them. In some cases these can even prove to be more fatal to the victim due to our ignorance resulting in dire consequences. Here are the top 10 misconceptions [...]

The Maths Millennium Prize Problems Can Make You Rich

Maths can Make you rich

We hear our parents saying that Maths is one of the most important subject in our curriculum. But, apart from some basic calculations, we never use the Algebra and Differentiation taught in our daily lectures. But, Maths is truly important in our life. Here some maths problems that no one has solved until now. Opposed to [...]