Download Tango Messenger for PC

Tango Messenger

Tango Messenger is one of the most popular messenger currently available for mobile devices. With its 100 million+ downloads, it is a quite popular choice among the users. Here is a tutorial for those of you who want to install Tango Messenger on PC.  Download Tango Messenger for PC You can download the tango messenger application for your [...]

Download ChatOn Messenger for PC

Samsung ChatON

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messenger in the mobile space, but that doesn’t mean that it is the only one. ChatOn messenger is among many of the messengers that are available for mobile devices that allow us to communicate with our friends. With its 100 million+ downloads, it is a quite popular choice among [...]

10 Useful Web Design Tools you don’t know about

Web designer tool google

These days web design is becoming quite a complicated task. Manually doing everything like checking JavaScript errors, writing boilerplate HTML code or debugging common browser errors by hand is very time consuming. If you are one of those people who are wasting your time with these annoyances every day, this article is for you. Here are 10 very [...]

Download WhatsApp for PC


Most of you might be wondering about how one can download Whatsapp for pc and install the same on a computer running on Windows or Mac. First of all, stop falling for every website that you come up with while searching on Google, most of them are filled with crap and might infect your computer. [...]

Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC – Windows 8/7/XP & Mac

Plants vs Zombies for PC Download

Plants vs Zombies is not a unknown title to most, it is one of the most amazing and famous zombie game that you can find on Google’s Play Store. The game is available for free and features HD Graphics along with cool gameplay features. Even after this, the game hasn’t been officially announced for the desktop [...]

Download BlueStacks Offline Installer – Windows 8/7/XP


Download Bluestacks Offline Installer. All of you might know about this App called as BlueStacks app player, this is a software that enables your computer running on Windows 8/7/XP or even macintosh to run Android apps on it. The software can be used to run Android softwares, even games on your computer so it is [...]

6 Barbaric Methods of Execution That are Still Used

Siam public execution

Executions have certainly been around as long as the humans have been on earth. People who do unethical or non-acceptable stuff in the society are executed as a punishment for their crimes. So often it is a pretty simple affair, but not all the time. Here are 6 most barbaric methods of execution that are [...]

Don’t watch these 5 Videos if you are scared of Heights

Pack sone shoes!

If you thing yourself as the faint of heart, leave now, as these are 5 most terrifying videos I can find that are pretty much as scary as Michel Jackson’s face without a nose. Watch these videos in the comfort of your house while people do stupid things and post it over to the YouTube. Cheating [...]

Top 10 most Controversial premature obituaries

James Earl Jones

For those who don’t know, a premature obituary in simple words is an event when someone’s death is falsely published or reported in media without any valid proof. Now, as this word has made its place in our dictionary, we can be sure that there might be some events going on related to it. So [...]

Top 10 misconceptions surrounding HIV AIDS

AIDS can't be Cured

It has been more than 25 years since the inception of HIV & AIDS. As deadly both these words are, more deadly are the misconceptions surrounding them. In some cases these can even prove to be more fatal to the victim due to our ignorance resulting in dire consequences. Here are the top 10 misconceptions [...]